Champ - Fly Tees 2 3/4"

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  • The Champ My-Hite Fly Tee uses the same great design as the Champ Fly Tee but with a series of coloured bands around the shaft.
  • The coloured bands allow you to quickly tee up your ball at the correct height for you giving you consistent strikes.
  • Varying the height on each shot will result in inconsistent shots, losing distance and resulting in missed greens and fairways.
  • Performance tee from Champ, with a shallow cup to reduce friction with the ball and increase the distance and accuracy of your drive.
  • So strong and durable you only need carry a couple of tees.
  • Unique 6 prong head design makes placing your ball easy.
  • Reinforcing impact ribs around the base of the head increases the strength of the tee adding to its excellent durability.
  • Made from strong hard wearing biodegradable materials.
  • 2 3/4" or 69mm
  • contains 30 tees

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