Daphne Headcovers


 You are likely to find a Daphne’s display, sometimes two, at almost any golf store, golf club or resort pro shop.  We like to think our headcovers liven up the place. People love stroking the soft fur, smiling at the silly Gopher, hugging the lovable Lab.  We have more than 175 designs to choose from.  And wait until they see your golf bag at the Bag Drop. Always a show-stopper!  We also like the fact that our novelty headcovers hide your $500 driver from prying eyes, at the same time protecting it from damage—even from damaging UV rays—with top-grade materials.   In a world of fake news and broken expectations, Daphne’s is the real deal.  Let’s just say we’ve learned a few things in our 40-year history.

Our history

We are proud to say that Daphne’s Headcovers is the leading animal golf headcover business in the world.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Daphne’s Headcovers are sold in 75 countries.  Honduras and Israel are among our newest locations.  I was only 16 when together my mum, Daphne, the company’s namesake, and I founded the animal headcover business.  We were making puppets and selling them all over the western U.S. at weekend arts and crafts shows, when a customer suggested the puppets might make great golf headcovers.  “A silly idea,” we thought,” but let’s give it a try.”

Somehow I managed to convince the folks at the Arizona Biltmore golf shop that our headcovers would be the next big thing, and we were launched.  I couldn’t believe I had succeeded and sat in my car and cried afterwards.