Time to stop obsessing over what goes on out in the green and start taking a step back to first, check out the tee. All great shots start from the strike, so you’ve gotta be sure that you’re hitting yours just right.

Luckily, CHAMP's FlyTees are here and are meant for just that. Designed to enhance golfer's performance right from the start, CHAMP's tees are budget-friendly, and are guaranteed to increase the distances and accuracy of all the player's shots. Its features include a durable plastic design, as well as a signature 6-prong head for ease of stability. Some of CHAMP’s features also include shallower, more contoured cups for less friction, and even colored bands around the Tee's shaft to use for marking heights. These tees are sold at a variety of neon bright colors and are made from strong, hard-wearing biodegradable materials.

Providing more than just one version in their Fly Tees collection, CHAMP's tees are especially recognized for their durability; requiring players to carry only a handful as they take their shots around the green. All types of golfers can enjoy CHAMP, whether they be competitive, casual, professional, or amateur. In its very essence, CHAMP is designed for consistency, for performance, and for reliability.