Explore the Pinnacle Rush for distance and Pinnacle Soft for feel.

Pinnacle golf balls shot into the industry like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky. In the 1970's, the Pinnacle golf balls were formed-- manufactured as products from under the same parent company as Titleist. Back then, Pinnacle golf balls were deemed "too hard" to be at par with other brands (such as Titleist), although they were already able to reach great distances. Now, recent innovations within Pinnacle have led them to create, and consequently, introduce utter game-changers into the golf ball market; these being the Pinnacle Rush and the Pinnacle Soft. With only these two choices, the brand has turned the golfing ball industry on its head. Outstandingly high-quality golf balls for relatively much cheaper prices, the Pinnacle Rush and the Pinnacle Soft are known as some of the best go-to balls for beginners and amateur golfers.

Completely affordable, completely available, and completely accessible. What more could you ask for? While the Pinnacle Rush is known for achieving great distances, the Pinnacle Soft is known for its softer feel. With names that are easy to remember, marketing these balls have been a breeze for the brand. From being known as "too hard" golf balls, Pinnacle's comeback has left no player disappointed, with golf balls that are now much softer and higher-performing. It is just as their 1972 slogan goes: "distance doesn't have to be hard."