LoudMouth - Men's LM Patch Plain Stretch Shorts

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Plain bottoms go great with the loud mouth of Loud Mouth ♪ If standard colors are purchased by adults, the coordination at play will expand! The stretch makes it easy to move.

MATERIAL: Stretch PE 100%


Size * Actual size Waist (nude size) Hip Hem width Watari width inseam
M 83(78)cm 100cm 23.5cm 31cm 27cm
L 87(82)cm 104cm 24.5cm 32cm 27cm
LL 91(86)cm 108cm 25.5cm 33cm 27cm
XL 95(90)cm 112cm 26.5cm 34cm 27cm
XXL 99(94)cm 116cm 27.5cm 35cm 27cm

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